014 The Crusade by David Whitaker

Illustrated by eatingwordswithkittywitch

12th Century Palestine - The Holy Land. Saladin battles with Richard the Lionheart in the Third Crusade.

Despite the Doctor’s knowledge of the outcome of this fruitless war, he attempts to persuade King Richard to resort to peace rather than violence. But when Barbara is captured by a Saracen ambush all that matters now is getting home safely. 


  • Parts of this story are MISSING.
  • It features the First Doctor and Barbara Wright, Ian Chesterton and Vicki Pallister as the companions.
  • This is a ‘Pure Historical’ and a ‘Celebrity Historical’.
  • This was the first Doctor Who story to feature non-white actors, as opposed to painted faces which was a lot more common at the time.
  • This story was sold overseas but not to the Middle East where it was feared it would cause offense.
  • Alternate titles for this story are The Lion, The Knight of Jaffa and The Warlords.