017 The Time Meddler by Dennis Spooner

Illustrated by thegoodwhovian

I wanted to reflect the black and white-ness of the Hartnell years and did so through harsh pencil lines again white nothingness. The end result looks not unlike a Medieval Wood-cut. Also giving an almost Shakespearian, quasi-religious atmosphere which works nicely.

The Doctor’s sadness at the departure of Ian and Barbara quickly gets forgotten by  the shock of finding a stowaway on the TARDIS! The Mechanoid prisoner Steven Taylor has joined the Doctor and Vicki for their travels. But he doesn’t quite believe everything they’re telling him. Time travel? Really?

When the TARDIS lands in 1066 on the eve of the Viking and Norman invasions (one of British History’s most important moments), the Doctor is convinced this will prove his time travel abilities to Steven… but they are not the only time travellers in Northumbria. A meddling monk is at work and all of history is at stake. 


  • It features the First Doctor and Vicki Pallister as the companion. Steven Taylor joins as a new companion at the start of the story.
  • This is the first ‘Pseudo-Historical’, different from the regular ‘Pure Historical’ stories, meaning it is set in the past but also feature science fiction elements. This later became the preferred type of historical episode.
  • The Monk is the first Time Lord, other than the Doctor and Susan, to be featured in the series. However, the name “Time Lord” had still not been said on screen. They are just of “the same people”.
  • The Monk is also the first recurring, individual villain. 
  • The story deals with changing history, a regularly contradicted aspect of Doctor Who. In this story, history CAN be changed but SHOULDN’T be changed. It is possible that the Monk has no respect for the concepts of Fixed and Fluxed points in history, as he changes time purely for his own amusement. 
  • The Monk’s TARDIS is more advanced than the Doctor’s, and also has a working chameleon circuit and navigation control.
  • The Doctor breaks the dimensional control of The Monk’s TARDIS, meaning the interior becomes much smaller than the exterior.
  • Ian, Barbara and Susan are name dropped. The Doctor is sad that history teacher Barbara is not there to see 1066.
  • Alternate names for this story include The Monk and The Paradox.