025 The Gunfighters by Donald Cotton

Illustrated by prismatic-void 

The time travellers find themselves in the Old West, much to the delight of the companions. The Doctor, however, is suffering from a toothache but can he stand the pain of 19th Century dentistry? Surely it can’t be as painful as his companions attempts at American accents?

Stranded in the town of Tombstone, the travellers become involved in a gang of gunmen bent of taking down Doc Holliday. 


  • It features the First Doctor and Steven Taylor and Dodo Chaplet as the companions. 
  • Patrick Troughton was offered a role in this story but he was too busy. Had he taken the role, he might never have been cast as the Second Doctor, and Doctor Who history would have been very different.
  • The idea for a Wild West episode was William Hartnell’s. This was the first story set entirely in the United States of America. The next story to do this wouldn’t be until the TV Movie in 1996.
  • This is the first episode to have an original song written for it: “The Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon”. 
  • This is the final story to use individual episode titles for its different parts. 
  • This story had some of the worst viewing and audience appreciating index ratings of any story and convinced the producers to stop making Pure Historicals and Celebrity Historicals.
  • Working Titles for this story include The Wild West and  The Gunslingers