028 The Smugglers by Brain Hayles

Illustrated by summersendautumnsfall

Season 4, Story 1:

New companions Polly and Ben are surprised to discover that the Police Box they followed the Doctor into has brought them to seventeenth century Cornwall. 

A battle for lost treasure is being waged with the Doctor trying to avoid being the key player. With a mystery in a graveyard and a crew of pirates led by Captain Samuel Pike, this isn’t going to be a quiet first adventure for the new travellers.


  • This story is MISSING.
  • It features the First Doctor and new companions Polly Wright and Ben Jackson.
  • The treasure they are searching for belongs to Captain Henry Avery, a (real historical) character who would later meet and befriend the Eleventh Doctor in The Curse of the Black Spot, and help him in at the Battle of Demon’s Run. 
  • This is the First Doctor’s penultimate story and the story directly leads into The Tenth Planet.
  • This is the last story that William Hartnell was contracted to appear in, however he did return for the next one.
  • This story is one of the few in the William Hartnell era to be filmed in the location it was supposed to be, with a lot of location filming being done in Cornwall.