The Daleks

The Doctor’s oldest and most persistent enemy. Their hatred for all life which isn’t Dalek is their most terrifying quality. Their battles with the Doctor have entered Dalek Mythology and they fear him as ‘The Oncoming Storm’. 

Born in the laboratories of a war-torn world by a mad scientist named Davros, they left their home of Skaro to exterminate all life in the universe - to purify creation and stand as the master race.

The Time Lords and the Daleks were at war with each other for centuries until The Last Great Time War destroyed almost all of both species. However, since then they have begun anew and their recent victory has given rise to a brand new Dalek Empire.

Currently, the Daleks reign supreme, but the Doctor has managed to wipe himself from their records meaning their pursuit of him is over. But they are sure to meet their old enemy again and when they do, who will exterminate who?