039 The Ice Warriors by Brian Hayles

Illustrated by http://stickfigurevikingbattle.tumblr.com/

Season 5, Story 3:

In Earth’s future, the planet is in the midst of a new ice age. On a science base among the snow, a team is using an ioniser device to stop an advancing glacier. The ice, however, is home to a much greater threat.

Terrifying, frozen Martians awake from their icey slumber and begin an invasion of Earth. Mars has died and Earth will be the new world of the Ice Warriors!


  • Parts of this story are MISSING.
  • It features the Second Doctor and companions Jamie McCrimmon and Victoria Waterfield.
  • This story introduces the Ice Warriors, the first Martians in Doctor Who.
  • Similar to the Silurians and the Trickster in the Sarah Jane Adventures, the Ice Warrior’s name is first given to them by someone else and in subsequent stories they take it on as their own name. “Ice Warrior” is initially just a description of what they are by Victoria, but really they should be called Martians. 
  • A real bear was filmed for this story, rather than using stock footage.
  • The story was inspired by many contemporary scientific theories and discoveries, especially those concerning a potential new ice age and the properties and history of Mars.
  • The Doctor again wears his fur coat from the pervious story.
  • This is the first time that the crew have to exit the TARDIS while it is lying on its side.