050 The War Games by Malcolm Hulk & Terrance Dicks

Illustrated by hamishmash

Season 6, Story 7:

The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe arrive in what appears to be the trenches of World War I. However, it quickly becomes clear that they have arrived on a planet home to many different war zones.

The terrifying War Lords have kidnapped human soliders from all of Earth history in order to create the perfect army to conquer the universe. But the plot thickens further when the War Chief is actually a Time Lord! The creeping realisation sets in that the Doctor cannot solve this problem alone, and that this days of running away may be at an end…

The Time Lords are coming.


  • It features the Second Doctor and companions Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heroit.
  • This is the final story for the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe, the first time that the Doctor and companions had changed at the same time, and the first time such casting changes had been done in a series finale.
  • Despite this being the Second Doctor’s regeneration story, we don’t actually see him regenerate into the Third Doctor. As with the Doctor’s last “renewal” the word “regeneration” is not said. It is labelled as “a change of appearance”.
  • This is the last black and white story.
  • This story reveals the Time Lords as a species. Before only rogues had been seen (the Doctor, Susan, the Monk and the War Chief). 
  • It is shown that the Time Lords can chose their appearance to a certain degree - the Doctor is presented with several different options.
  • Gallifrey is shown for the first time, but it is still not given a name.
  • The Time Lords can communicate through a system of time-travelling white cubes. This method would be shown again in the Eleventh Doctor story The Doctor’s Wife.
  • This is the last story to credit the main actor as “Dr. Who”.
  • The story ends with the Doctor’s forced axile on Earth which paves the way for the dramatic format change in the Third Doctor’s era. Many spin off books and references are said to take place in “Season 6b”, the period between this season and the next, including the Second Doctor’s appearance in the Sixth Doctor story The Two Doctors.
  • The Doctor kisses Zoe in this story, the first time the Doctor has kissed a companion.