065 THE THREE DOCTORS by Bob Baker & Dave Martin

Illustrated by theverysight


Time itself is in peril! The Time Lords find themselves besieged by a mysterious enemy, the legendary Time Lord, Omega. Omega has been inhabiting the anti-matter universe on the other side of the black hole from which the Time Lords draw their power.

They enlist the Doctor to battle this foe, but the threat turns out to be too much. The only way out is to break the First Law of Time to let the Doctor help himself - literally…


  • DOCTOR: The Third Doctor, The Second Doctor, The First Doctor
  • COMPANIONS: Jo Grant, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Sergeant Benton
  • SPACE & TIME: Earth, 1970s / Gallifrey / Anti-Matter Universe


  • This is the first multi-Doctor story from the series and one of the first to really acknowledge the Doctor’s constant changing appearance. Both Patrick Troughton and William Hartnell reprised their roles for this 10th Anniversary special!
  • This is the first story involving Omega, a contemporary of Rassilon and one of the founders of Time Lord society. He would later return in the Fifth Doctor story Arc of Infinity.
  • William Hartnell was very ill while filming this story and his role is understandably minor. He appears only in pre-recorded scenes on the TARDIS screen. This was to be his final acting role before his death in 1975.
  • This story ended the 3-year story arc surrounding the Doctor’s axile on Earth. The Time Lords grant him permission to continue his old life as thanks for his battle with Omega.
  • The Second Doctor comments on the Third Doctor’s “redecoration” of the TARDIS and the fact he doesn’t like it. This began a recurring joke throughout the series, featured again in stories such as The Fifth Doctor, Time Crash and Closing Time.
  • The Time Lords explicitly state that the First Doctor is his “earliest” incarnation.
  • The Second Doctor offers a jelly baby to the Brig. This became a trademark of the Fourth Doctor.
  • The original script was called Deathworld and featured the Doctors battling the Federation of Evil led by Death himself.
  • Jamie and Zoe were supposed to appear but filming commitments for the actors prevented this.