073 THE MONSTER OF PELADON by Brain Hayles

Illustrated by RitchandSpace


The Doctor returns to Peladon fifty years after his last visit, to find Queen Thalira, daughter of the late King Peladon, on the throne. A tense labour dispute between Pel nobility and miners is worsened when apparitions of their deity Aggedor attack and kill several miners. The Galactic Federation desperately needs trisilicate for its war against Galaxy 5 and sends in brutal Ice Warrior troopers to ensure production. The Doctor discovers a devious plot at the heart of Aggedor’s appearances.


  • DOCTOR: The Third Doctor
  • COMPANIONS: Sarah Jane Smith
  • ENEMIES & ALIENS: Rogue Ice Warriors
  • SPACE & TIME: Peladon


  • The Doctor returns to Peladon, making this a sequel to the story The Curse of Peladon.
  • This is the last story to feature Peladon (although it would return in spin-off media) and also the Ice Warriors until the Eleventh Doctor story The Cold War.
  • The Ice Warriors have renounced their warlike ways and are generally peaceful. The villains in this story are a rogue sect.
  • This is also the second and last story to feature Alpha Centuri, the Galactic Federation delegate.
  • This story had strong pro-feminist and pro-labour themes.