078 GENESIS OF THE DALEKS by Terry Nation

Illustrated by bazookoidben

I started out working with the wires, as the episode’s climax is pretty much centred around them, and I really just built up from that. Adapting the spirals, over and over until I hit this art nouveau sort of feeling. It worked nicely with the themes I had in my head, all about creation and destruction, life and death and the reversal of the roles, the Doctor now the destroyer, and Davros, the bringing of life. There was a wonderful sense of poetic irony there that seemed to evolve into this. “


Intercepted while travelling between Earth and the Ark, the Fourth Doctor and his companions are transported to the planet Skaro, thousands of years in the past, on a mission for the Time Lords — to prevent the creation of the Daleks by the terrifying Davros.


  • DOCTOR: The Fourth Doctor
  • COMPANIONS: Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan
  • ENEMIES & ALIENS: Davros and the Daleks
  • SPACE & TIME: Skaro


  • This is the first story to feature Davros. Every other Dalek story of the Classic Series would feature him.
  • We see the earliest Daleks which are at first just called Travel Machines.
  • The working title for this story was DALEKS: GENESIS OF TERROR.
  • Russell T Davies has said that this story shows the first act of the the Last Great Time War. This means that the Time Lords made the first attack at attempting to eradicate Daleks from history. 
  • The Doctor doesn’t eradicate the Daleks but he potentially effected their time line more than he thought. His interference possibly caused Davros’ survival, and his presence in later story causes a schism between the Dalek factions thus making them weaker enemies.
  • The TARDIS does not feature in this story. This would not happen again until the Tenth Doctor story Midnight.