096 UNDERWORLD by Bob Baker and Dave Martin

Illustrated by timetravelinchameleonlostinspace


At the very edge of the known universethe TARDISmaterialises on an aging spacecraft, the R1C. On board, the Fourth Doctor and Leela meet Jackson and his crew. They are doggedly pursuing their mission to recover the Minyan race bank from a ship which left their home planet centuries earlier.

Closing in on the P7E at last, Jackson risks everything to follow the trail into the heart of a newly formed planet. Can the Doctor help Jackson face his greatest challenge and secure the future of the Minyans?


  • DOCTOR: The Fourth Doctor
  • COMPANIONS: Leela, K9
  • ENEMIES & ALIENS: The Oracle
  • SPACE & TIME: The P7E and The P1C


  • This story is based on the myth Jason and the Quest for the Golden Fleece.
  • This story delves a little deeper into the Time Lords by explaining their non-interference policy.
  • Louise Jameson (Leela) refused to scream during a scene when gas fills a room as she considered it out of character.
  • Budget restrictions were so strict with this story that it was almost cancelled in order to give the season finale The Invasion of Time more budget.